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The grand opening of your art gallery is just around the corner and you need to collect as many works of art as possible to ensure your guests enjoy the show! You'll need to collect works of art from the prehistoric period through the early 20th century, and the only way to do that is by learning about them. It's a visual-based educational exercise weaved with questions and information about influential art pieces throughout history.


Discover Art History ĘC Art Collector is part puzzle and part quiz combined into one app. It's a great way to play the role of an elite art collector and learn about influential art pieces while having fun at the same time. The goal is to collect gold stars and works of art which are added to your art gallery by answering questions and solving image based puzzles. The app is loaded with fun facts and offers increasingly difficult levels of play as you advance.

Art Collector is ideal for children 9 to 13 years of age, but that doesn't mean the older kids and adults won't be captivated as well. A new perspective on the works of art will surely be the result of the image-based puzzles. The images need to be put together one tile at a time forcing the user to visually inspect every detailed element of the work of art, giving the user the opportunity to look and absorb the piece like never before.

Art Collector includes thirteen different artistic themes represented by a section in your art gallery! Each theme has nine levels of play! Each level begins by testing your knowledge about various works of art in the form of a short, multiple choice quiz. Once answers are chosen, a puzzle combining the artwork images from the quiz is generated and can be solved by matching individual tiles for each picture one by one. After each artwork picture is completed the answer to the question will be revealed and a gold star will be given for each correct answer. Obtaining one gold star will unlock the next level of play where the puzzles will become more challenging.

Art Collector is packed with information, and in addition to learning the basics about art history, such as the names of the pieces of art, who created them, and when they were made, you'll also discover amazing facts about the works of art as the puzzles are played. With the success of each correct answer, the corresponding piece of art will be added to your art gallery so you can view it, read about it, and show it off.

The "Art History" theme is also perfect for social learning and collaborative classroom exercises too! The multi-touch operation allows for multiple children to match the puzzles at the same time in a team effort. Whether it's in the classroom, collaboration between siblings, or parents helping the children along, Art Collector offers a learning environment conducive to cooperative learning and play.

Last but not least, although this app was designed as an educational app for children, we've found that adults love the app as well. If you appreciate fine art, learning about art history, and enjoy immersive puzzles then chances are you'll love the app as much as the kids. With well over 200 individual pieces of art, this app will keep you engaged for hours, days, or even weeks and beyond!

Perfect for ages 9 - 13Available for iPad on the app store